Terms & Conditions


JuulBlue.com is the website maintained on the World Wide Web by The JuulBlue, Inc. "The site" or "site" refers to JuulBlue.com. "User," or collectively "Users," refers to any party who accesses the site. "JuulBlue" refers to The JuulBlue, Inc. and its affiliates. "Access" means viewing or otherwise obtaining information located on JuulBlue.com. "Agreement" refers to these terms of use and any subsequent modification.

Scope of Agreement.

This Agreement applies to how information on the site may be shared accessed and used, as well as transactions and communications between the User and JuulBlue. This Agreement does not, apply to products, sold by JuulBlue, which are governed by separate terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Agreement.

By accessing the site via the World Wide Web or any other medium, User accepts and agrees to all conditions imposed in this Agreement.

JuulBlue reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time, including imposing a fee to access certain materials contained on the site. Any change in this Agreement is effective immediately upon User's receipt of notice from JuulBlue. Notice can be given through e-mail, posting on the site, or any other means by which User may obtain notice. Users should periodically review this Agreement for changes. Any use of the site after changes have been made shall be deemed acceptance of the changed terms of this Agreement. JuulBlue reserves the right to monitor use of the site.

JuulBlue has the exclusive right to control accessibility, hours of use, features on the site, and any other information found on the site. JuulBlue can restrict access to any or all portions of the site or remove any information or content from the site at any time.

User is solely responsible for providing the equipment related to accessing the site, including all computer, remote communications equipment, telephone or other equipment.


User should review our Privacy Statement, which is incorporated by reference into this Agreement. In addition, when you use a third party website or mobile application in connection with our site, you may be further subject to such third party’s terms of use, privacy policy and/or other applicable terms and conditions. For example:

JuulBlue utilizes Invisible reCAPTCHA on the site to protect against threats and abuse posed by automated software. User interaction with the site and, thereby, the Invisible reCAPTCHA service is also subject to the applicable Google Terms of Use and Google Privacy Policy.

JuulBlue utilizes Google Maps APIs so that Google Maps can be used with the site. User interaction with the site and, thereby, Google Maps is also subject to the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

User Accounts.

If you establish an account at this site in order to purchase products or receive information from us, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and your password. By establishing an account, User agrees to accept responsibility for all activities that occur at the site under your account and password. JuulBlue reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse service, cancel orders or terminate your account.

Risk of Loss.

The risk of loss for all products purchased from the site passes to Users upon the delivery of the products by JuulBlue to the carrier.